Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces

One fact about nature that needs appreciation is; it has granted everyone an opportunity of being different from the other. Even identical twins in their resemblance will always have differing features. That is why some people have very long faces while others are content with very round ones.

There are people too with face shapes that are beyond description, but will always find haircuts that suit them. Most short and stout women usually have round faces, though of course it is not the norm. With plenty of hairstyles; thanks to human beings for maximizing their creativity to the maximum, there are a variety of short haircuts for women with round faces.

Women with round faces look perfect in short hair. The same applies to the oval faced ones, though the former enjoy dominance when it comes to varieties.

Here is a list of the most trending short haircuts for ladies:

1. Scene Hairstyles – These are totally exceptional hairstyles and liked all of them which are mentioned on this page –

Scene Haircuts

2. Side bangs – This is the trendiest hairstyle the year has witnessed. One may choose to apply bang on one side or both. Whichever the choice, they are all an amazing style for a round face.

3. Bob cut – This is one hairstyle that has withstood the test of time. Whether it is the natural hair styled to be bob or weave used to create a bob, it is a great way for a woman to look beautiful.

pixie for round face

4. Asymmetrical hair style – Many young ladies love this hairdo. At the back of the head, there is very short hair while the front has slightly longer strands. The style gives a woman a confident look. One can choose to have either the back or front or even the whole hair to be tinted for a more assertive finish.

5. Pixie haircut – This has created waves in the fashion scene. The pixie has an amazing look when tinted to fit a lady’s complexion.

Kaley Cuoco Hairstyles

6. Short curls – Hair curls have withstood the test of time. When hair gets curled by a professional, the result is almost perfect depending on how long the hair is, and the tint used to give the curls a good finish. Some people prefer to have the curls at the front of the head and natural hair at the back. [Read – 51 Top Rihanna Hairstyles – BeTrendsetter]

7. Short dreadlocks – Some years back, this hairstyle was associated with reggae artists and other musicians. Currently, anyone with a round face can have the dreads spread out on the head and look great.

 Short dreadlocks

8. Short wavy hair – Curls and waves are almost similar, difference being that curls are more pronounced than waves. Waves give the feeling of water flowing; in this case, hair signifies water flowing towards the back of the neck. Waves can be tucked in at the back using pins to give it a perfect finish. Alternatively, they can be allowed to flow on the head without intimidation.

Of course there is no excuse for not choosing a perfect haircut if one is blessed with a round face. There are easy updos for short hair that even the busiest woman can try out.

Demi Moore Urges Her Daughters to Avoid Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore. Yes, she of the numerous speculated plastic surgeries is apparently not happy that one of her daughters has had cosmetic surgery!

You probably know Demi Moore from her success as an actress and songwriter. Of course, her star-studded marriages have also drawn much attention from fans and critics alike. Her second marriage to Bruce Willis got her three beautiful daughters and apparently she has had serious talks with them to avoid plastic surgery.

Demi Moore

Maybe, the successful actress has had her own fair share of plastic surgery side effects and does not want her children to make the same mistakes. Worthy of note is that she has not come clean on the cosmetic surgeries that have helped her remain as cute as she is for her age. It is rumoured that she may have spent close to $500,000 in total in her search for the ideal Hollywood body. The procedures sought by the beauty range from body lift, knee cap lift, breast implants as well as liposuction.

According to, her daughter Rumer Willis, apparently chose to have cosmetic surgery done on her to reduce the size of her chin. A close view of her lips also indicates that they have become fuller which is a sign that she must have had lip injections.

Demi Moore and Rumer Willis

Demi Moore and Rumer Willis

Demi, it is said, has affirmed to her daughters time and again that they are beautiful just as they are. She apparently does not want them to be worn out by the chase in Hollywood of the elusive picture of physical perfection. Continue reading

Dyan Cannon Plastic surgery – is She Lying?

Dyan Cannon, real name Samile Diane Friesen is America’s blond haired icon of the TV screen, but the lately the question on every one’s mind remains: Dyan Cannon plastic surgery – is she lying?

Dyan Cannon

Dyan Cannon’s profile

Height – 5 ft 5″
Weight – 141 pounds or 64kg
Eye color – blue
Nationality – American
Net worth – 4.5 million dollars

The 5 ft 5″ actress who is best known for her role in 1978 Revenge of the Pink Panther is an editor, producer, director and screenwriter for both film and television. Currently she is worth 4.5 million dollars and accused by the whole world of plastic surgery which she has denied. Continue reading

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

This is a bike that is appropriate for both the large fitness studio and home gym. It is a relatively affordable exercise equipment and this coupled with the fact that many people know how to ride a bicycle have made it a popular machine.

Notably, the Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike improves on the features of any typical exercise bike; both in terms of crucial ergonomic features and the little privileges that make working out a little more enjoyable.

Schwinn Exercise Bike

The mid-range exercise bike offers a lot of workout conveniences; one can easily switch between the pre-programmed settings as well as the levels of resistance that are appropriate to his fitness goals. Continue reading

How Long Do Mentor Breast Implants Last

Big busts make ladies look gorgeous and sexy. They are what enhance the physical figure of lady and makes it perfect. Not everybody is born with big breasts. There are those who typically have got small breasts.

Celebrity Breast implants

Many of these individuals often feel like their appearances are compromised by the sizes of their breasts. They therefore look for ways of making their breasts larger. Continue reading

Low Fat Diets and Weight Loss Plans

There are numerous diet regimens that men and women try out to help them lose weight. Amongst the causes of high fat weight in the body is eating a diet high in fats. It is obvious therefore, that one of the best strategies of fighting this menace would be to cut down your fat consumption.

Diet Pills

While you do not need to eat lots of fatty foods, your diet still needs to be comprised of a good amount of fats. Nevertheless, it is still important to remember that you need more than just a fat free diet to healthily lose weight. For instance, restricting the amount of fatty foods you take may not be effective if you replace them with high sugar dishes. Continue reading