A Whiter Beyonce with a Hell of a Nose!

Whiter Beyonce

The Beyonce Plastic Surgery topic is something that is talked about more than anything else in the glamour industry. And recently she is the latest celebrity to become the center of many gossip tabloids. Throughout the years, her photos have shown a huge change of looks, like some kind of a journey. From lip to boobs to liposuction and now her nose (apparently for the second time, according to MediaTakeOut) she definitely doesn’t look like the Beyonce she was when she first started out.

Who is she really? And is that her whole name?

Famously known just by her first name by fans all over the world, Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter was born on 4th September 1981 in Houston, Texas, where after several performances in dancing and singing competitions became famous as the lead singer in the 1990s R&B girl group called Destiny’s Child. Other than a self-description of a “feminist in modern times”, most of her songs contain the themes of relationship, monogamy, love, female empowerment and sexuality; coupled with highly dynamic power packed performances. She has a total of 20 Grammy Awards to prove that. And most recently she was listed for being the most powerful female musician in 2015.

Her so obvious nose job

If you ever looked closely at her before and after pictures, her nose is by far the most prominent feature that one will notice. Her previous pictures show that she once had a small and rather a flat nose which really wasn’t that well defined. But now her nose is more refined and a much more prominent nose bridge. So it was no surprise that she like any other celebrity denied the facts which were later confirmed by plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel. And even he thinks the lady really looks gorgeous.

Those lips though…

Apparently she doesn’t prefer the pouty thick lip that she was born with. If one compares her previous photos with her present day look, it is highly unlikely to disagree with the probability of her not having done lip reductions. And even with her lips toned down, she still looks amazing!

Her breast augmentation

One of the most famous Beyonce Plastic Surgery stories are about her breasts and they have been buzzing around since 2002. It’s been more than a decade, and the change in the shape and size is simply undeniable. Her past photographs had a smaller yet natural look, but now they simply appear bigger and perfectly round. She really hasn’t gained any significant weight during all this time and most websites believe that her breast set has increased from a B-cup to a D-cup set. Dr. Anthony Youn says that it’s hard to tell whether they are fake or not due to the advancement in this field, but “she looks great with curvy breasts, it looks natural and not overdone”.

Her rumored liposuction

Looking back at her photos from 2007, it is pretty much obvious that she has done a liposuction to get her abs into excellent shape. In many of her on stage performances from the past, the photographs show a slight lumpiness in her stomach region which is not there anymore, other than performing surgeries to reduce her hips.

Skin lightening

Well yes with smart and strategic makeup you can look a lot lighter, but the pictures offering a stark contrast happens to be the understatement of the millennium. In a recent picture with the president Obama and her husband Jay-Z, she looks way too white, which possibly cannot be just makeup

Botox is bogus

Among all the Beyonce Plastic Surgery stories, the most vehemently denied of them all is botox injections. Sources close to her have said that she has an excellent personal trainer who prescribes her a strict diet and lifestyle that she religiously follows. And besides the sexy, sassy woman is just in her early 30s.

Way to go Beyonce! It is undeniable that she really does rule the world today.