Dyan Cannon Plastic surgery – is She Lying?

Dyan Cannon, real name Samile Diane Friesen is America’s blond haired icon of the TV screen, but the lately the question on every one’s mind remains: Dyan Cannon plastic surgery – is she lying?

Dyan Cannon

Dyan Cannon’s profile

Height – 5 ft 5″
Weight – 141 pounds or 64kg
Eye color – blue
Nationality – American
Net worth – 4.5 million dollars

The 5 ft 5″ actress who is best known for her role in 1978 Revenge of the Pink Panther is an editor, producer, director and screenwriter for both film and television. Currently she is worth 4.5 million dollars and accused by the whole world of plastic surgery which she has denied.

One look at the 78 year old actress and her flawless forehead, unwrinkled face and one might be tempted to say she is lying. But the actress has stuck to her guns, indicating that her ageless beauty is as a result of prayer. But a lot of people think she is lying. Nevertheless, no concrete proof has come out about the veracity of the Dyan Cannon plastic surgery. And so we shall examine the facts.

Personal life

Dyan Cannon was born on the 4th of January, 1937 in Washington DC to parents Claire and Ben Friesen. She was raised Jewish by her mother, but eventually converted to Christianity. Dyan was married in 1965 to Cary Grant who was older than her by 33 years, and she had one daughter for him. They later divorced in 1968. She remarried real estate investor Stanley Fimberg in 1985 but divorced him in 1991. Dyan Cannon loves sports and is one of the most avid fans of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The 78 year old who in 1966 accused her husband, Cary Grant, of forcibly feeding her with LSD has been the victim of drug abuse which went on for several years. Wrecking havoc on her skin tone and looks in those years. Pictures from then have her looking bleary-eyed and a little wan, but fast forward almost fifty years into the future and she almost looks better than before.

How is this happening?

Dyan Connor weighs about 141 pounds or 64kg and is still one of the sex symbols of the silver screen even at her age. This has made a lot of people doubt her plastic surgery denials. These are some of the surgeries that people have suggested she has undergone.


That the 78 year old has a flawless forehead like Courteney Cox is indicative that she either had a worry-less life or she definitely had a botox injection. Most of our sources are inclined to go with the second option.Dyan Canon’s smooth forehead is indicative of a botox treatment.

Dyan Cannon plastic surgery before after

Dyan Cannon plastic surgery before after


When looking through pictures of Dyan Cannon in the 90s, you would see so much similarity with her face now, almost like she did not age a day! And of course, we know she had, but apparently her face did not age with her. Dyan Cannon definitely had a facelift according to some of our sources, or one would find some sagging skin at least. On the facelift verdict, we may have to say People’s opinion: 1, Dyan Cannon: 0 for facelift definitely.

Fillers injection

For a septuagenarian, Dyan cannon looks so chubby! Her cheeks are filled out and when she smiles, it is like she’s forty and not almost eighty! This is why most people suspect she had a fillers injection, which when applied to a facelift completes the rejuvenation and makes it look a bit more natural. But of course, that’s only more speculation isn’t it?


Is it not enough to rejuvenate her body, did she need to have a liposuction too?! Is the question most people are asking, and it does demand an answer because Dyan Cannon’s lips are even fuller than before! How does that happen?

Once upon a time she was the sexiest diva to hit the silver screen and certainly the most attractive, so it is not surprising that she would want to keep those looks. After all, now she is unmarried, so why not go for a sexy pouting mouth to match the body so she keeps her Hollywood throne.

One can argue that Dyan got more than she bargained for when she did her first tuck, especially with the public opinions and criticisms. However, there may be some truth to her statements that “Praying to God” is the secret to her agelessness. But one thing is sure, the 78 year old is an active and energetic woman, and seeing her on the court in her skinny jeans cheering the LA Lakers is enough to convince you that true youth comes from within. And if it does, is it okay if she reflects it to the world through plastic surgery?

Dyan Cannon plastic surgery, you’ve read the facts of the case, do you think she is lying?