Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you ever had the chance to watch the famed series Charlie’s Angels, then you must definitely remember Jaclyn Smith. Her role in the series as Kelly Garrett earned her much recognition added to the fact that she was the only lead actress that stayed put till its completion.

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery

Her other noteworthy roles were in The District, Déjà vu and Nightkill. Aside from her successful acting career, she is also an assertive woman. She marketed her clothing and perfumes line since the 1980’s.indeed, it is said that her businesses have contributed much more to her net worth compared to her acting career.

Jaclyn Smith, like many other Hollywood bigwigs could seemingly not avoid the allure of plastic surgery. Hence, she is said to have gone through some procedures to keep herself looking young and fabulous. Indeed, for someone who is 70 years old, Smith looks rather young for her age.

Facial Fillers

The face of Jaclyn looks plump and fresh for someone born in 1945! There is every indication that the beauty must have had fillers injected into different parts of her face to give them the youthful succulence that they currently have.

Jaclyn Smith Facial Fillers

Of concern particularly are her lips and cheeks. One would expect these parts of her face to be thinner and somewhat wrinkled by now. Not so for Smith. Her chin looks jutted out like a 35 year Old’s and her lips are fuller, giving her face the radiance of youth.

It is also rumoured that she must have had fillers injected into her chin. This is because of the same reason as people speculate about her lips and cheeks. Smith’s chin is rather smooth and refined for a woman who should be battling sagging skin.

Facelift Procedures

As many Hollywood actresses get older, they begin to worry a lot about the wrinkling of their faces. Indeed, for many women, the period between their late thirties and early forties is the time during which they find facelift pretty alluring.

Jaclyn Smith Facelift

While we may not easily tell the time at which Smith went for her facelift procedure, the fact is that her face has much tightness and youthfulness that would be hard to expect in a woman of her age. Seems like she had a successful facelift done to sweep away all signs of aging and give her a tight skin around the face area.

It has to be noted, though, that it must have been a success, given the fact that she does not look misshapen from the procedure. Other critics have claimed, however, that her face appears unnaturally young which of course, is arguable.

Botox Injections

Much as a facelift procedure does a lot in the sense of getting rid of wrinkles from the face area, over time, one might need to fight wrinkles that tend to creep back. This is when Botox injections become a necessity around the forehead region.

Jaclyn Smith then and now

For Jaclyn Smith, there is no doubting that she has undergone a dozen Botox injections to keep the wrinkles at bay. Her forehead looks so smooth with little evidence of wrinkling. This must be the result of carefully done Botox injections from time to time.

Much as a lot has been said about Smith, she has maintained her stand that she would never consider getting plastic surgery. She has even claimed that she does not mind the effects of natural aging! Nevertheless, we have to give it up to the lady for remaining ravishing even after being alive for seven good decades!

The four-time married celebrity and cancer survivor has always been a tough nut to crack and it has to be said that aging was not going to stand in her way. All the same, we cannot help but pray that she does not turn into another Joan Rivers who died because of excessive plastic surgery. You can read similar stories by clicking here.

Personal Details:

Full Name: Jacqueline Ellen Jaclyn Smith
Occupation: Businesswoman, Actress
Net worth: $75 million
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married