Short Spikey Hairstyles and Haircuts for Guys that Everyone Love

Ever since Once Direction has popped into the music scene and blown it up, short spikey hairstyles for guys have been in! From Zayn Malik’ short, spikey and sophisticated look to even big shot Hollywood actors like Hugh Jackman, it appears the short spikey hairstyles for men are here to stay for quite a while!

Short Blonde Spikey Hairstyles for Men:

Short blonde spikey hairstyles for men

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Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces

One fact about nature that needs appreciation is; it has granted everyone an opportunity of being different from the other. Even identical twins in their resemblance will always have differing features. That is why some people have very long faces while others are content with very round ones.

There are people too with face shapes that are beyond description, but will always find haircuts that suit them. Most short and stout women usually have round faces, though of course it is not the norm. With plenty of hairstyles; thanks to human beings for maximizing their creativity to the maximum, there are a variety of short haircuts for women with round faces.

Women with round faces look perfect in short hair. The same applies to the oval faced ones, though the former enjoy dominance when it comes to varieties. Continue reading